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Insurance Guide UK has been developed to help you find the very best offers and deals on your next insurance policy. Buy your insurance online and get some fantastic online discounts.

Why get an insurance quote

People who have the cheapest car and home insurance policies do so because they shop around for the best deals especially when theirs is coming up for renewal. For those choosing to accept their renewal quote each year, by letting your policy roll on you're probably paying far more than you need to when all you need to do is get a couple of quotes and see what deals are on offer.

It is usually the case that if you stick with the same insurer for more than 12 months you will be paying over the odds on your insurance because there are always insurers and insurance companies offering attractive low cost rates in order to entice new customers to their policies and most offer you online discounts.

There are now insurance policies which allow you to insure yourself against almost any eventuality. There's car insurance, buildings insurance, contents insurance, health insurance, life assurance and critical illness insurance. Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI) and even the family cat or dog can be insured.

Insurance Cover

Home InsuranceHome Insurance - When buying a new home it is very important to have buildings and contents insurance as no UK lender will agree to give you a mortgage without having buildings insurance. Everyone could save when looking around and getting a quote on their home insurance renewal. When you buy your contents and building insurance online from the same insurer you will also get a discount on your premium.

Motor InsuranceMotor Insurance - If you own a motor vehicle you are required by law to have insurance and this comes as either third party insurance or fully comp insurance. So whether you have a car, motorbike, caravan or van by shopping online for a quote you could save money on your premium. Book online and also get an online discount from all the top insurers.

Pet InsurancePet Insurance - Pet insurance can save you thousands. When you pet is ill and needing treatment the bills can add up and up so it is always a good idea to have your pet and friend insured. Never worry about a vet bill again for your pet with pet insurance and you may be pleasantly surprised by how little your premium will be.

Travel InsuranceTravel Insurance - Don't take the chance on going on holiday without insurance, if the worst happened it could cost you tens of thousands of pounds in medical bill and travel home. Don't buy expensive travel insurance from the travel agents get the full cover online for under half the price and rest assured you have the best insurance for your holiday.

Health InsuranceHealth Insurance - With waiting lists on the NHS going up and up there has never been a better time to get private medical insurance. There are a number of different insurance policies and premiums to choose from so finding the price that is right for you could not be easier. And premiums start at very low prices for UK residents, you can even get health insurance for pre-diagnosed medical conditions.

Wedding InsuranceWedding Insurance - What would you do if something happened at your wedding or it had to be cancelled. Buying wedding insurance gives you the peace of mind that if the worst did happen you wont have thrown away thousands of pounds. Wedding insurance premiums start at less than £50 which is almost nothing considering how much it could cost you if things don't go as planned.

Breakdown CoverBreakdown Cover - For the matter of a few pounds you can rest assured that if your car breaks down then someone will be out to get you on the move again. Make sure you get the right policy for you, some insure the car and others insure whatever car or vehicle you are travelling in and there are a range of packages to suit your needs.


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